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Our Story

My Gift Giving Story

Gifts, how I love the joyous occasions of giving gifts. I love choosing the correct one and to see a huge smile spreads across the person's face when you get it right!
I was very lucky when I think back to my childhood and the yearly birthday parties that I had. Good friends, playing in the backyard, eating hundreds and thousands on pieces of white buttered bread. Simple good fun was had by all. The memories of yummy food even though we always had our best dress on and even if it was covered in cordial or cake by the end of the party!

Then later in life when I owned a business and again now, choosing gifts to sell that customers would love. It makes me excited to choose for occasions like Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Everyday and Christmas. One must not forget our Overseas visitors, relatives and friends with some Australiana.

I can never just give just one present……I don’t know why but it gives me so much joy to give at least two or three. To find a gift that touches a person's heart brings so much joy and fun for me.

I also love gift wrapping the presents with beautiful paper and ribbons.
So I am always looking for new gifts around Australia and the World when I travel.
So create your “Gift List” of wishes and dreams for gifts for your year of occasions.