Mark Roberts

Exquisitely detailed Mark Roberts Limited Edition include Christmas Fairies, Elves, and other Fairy inspired items. Using sumptuous fabrics and elegant trimmings, each character has a charming face with an expression all it’s own. Fairies and Elves are flexible and posable, heirloom in quality and timeless in nature. They can be hung on a tree or stand.

These Fairies and Elves are beautiful timeless gifts for everyone.

Established in 1984, Mark Roberts is very proud of his dedicated staff & their willingness to team up together for the good of others in need. Mark believes “that each one of us are capable of making a positive difference in our world, one person at a time, one day at a time.” Over the past few years, with Mark's matching of employee donations, the company has collectively donated tens of thousands of dollars annually to some very worthwhile charitable causes, including Make-A-Wish Foundation, Christian Children”s Fund, Habitat for Humanity, the American Cancer Society and others.
It is Mark”s hope that by setting a good example, other business” will become more involved on a daily basis in helping to improve the lives of those less fortunate in our community and world.

Appropriately located in SANTA Ana, California (where Mark claims Santa & his wife Ana spend their summers!), Mark Roberts provides jobs to almost 100 families within the surrounding community.

Mark Roberts

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